Lunch in our relaxed atmosphere is possible from Thursday to Saturday. You can arrive between 12:00 and 13:30. In addition to our à la carte and Michel’s Master Chef Menu, it is also possible to have lunch within a shorter period of time with 2 or 3 dishes from Michel’s Master Chef Menu.

Menu inspired by our signature dishes and seasonal creations

Home smoked Scottisch salmon with ‘Slow Escargots’, leek in vinaigrette, Bio-Cereals from the Flevopolder, Chives and crème fraîche

Supplement: Trésor Imperial Heritage Caviar
10 grams € 35,00


Carcass-roasted pheasant, croquette of the leg, chicory with Parma ham, cream of potato and Epoisses, sauce of pheasant and Calvados
Sea buckthorn berry with rooibos, kaki and white Valrhona ‘Ivoire’ chocolate

2 courses € 85,00

3 courses € 110,00
salmon/pheasant/sea buckthorn berry