For our European-oriented wine list, we are constantly looking for wines that are typical for their origin. From well-known and classic to surprising and unknown! For this we regularly visit tastings and we visit the wineregions. In addition, we work closely with a number of very passionate wine importers and our kitchen, together with them we taste the wines and our dishes.

The dishes on our menu have a big nod to Portugal and that also has an influence on our wine choice. Portuguese grape growers and winemakers have been very conservative for years, and that is now reflected in the unique variety of grapes grown. It is still authentic and that combined with the insight and possibilities of today, makes Portugal a unique and contemporary wine country.

This has encouraged us to give our chef Michel van der Kroft his own page on the wine list. He prefers wines from befriended winemakers from the Bairrada and Douro regions. And of course the Dão, the region where his wife comes from. It is not for nothing that Portugal is his second home country!


Edger Groeneveld

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